Monday, August 27, 2007

Wolf 498 AB

Star type
g A: M4V
g B: M7V

Distance from Earth
g 17.91 ly

Star Service No.
g NA

g A: NA
g B: NA

Diameter/Mass/Temp (xSol)
g A: NA; 44%; 3662 K
g B: NA; 9.5%; NA

Brightness (xSol)
g A: 0.039% (UV flare star)
g B: 0.024%

g A: Its metallicity is lower than the sun, with a relationship between the content of iron and hydrogen about half that in the Sun.
g B: NA

Comparison to Sol
g See illustration

Picture of star
g A: NA
g B: NA

Star system features
g Stars separated by 73 AU

Known planets
g A: NA
g B: NA

Habitable zone
Wolf 498 isn't very likely to host Earth-like life. First, both stars in the system are very small and dim compared to Sol. So, for a planet in Wolf 498 to receive enough heat from either star to ensure water on its surface wasn't frozen, it would be so close to its sun that it would be tidally locked, meaning it wouldn't spin on its axis. One side always would face the sun and be so hot that water would boil; the other side always would face away from the sun and be so cold that water would be frozen. Liquid water and air temperatures would only be Earth-comfortable in a very narrow band from pole to pole that is in perpetual twilight between the sun-side and the night-side. In addition, the star's metallicity level is about half of that of our sun, meaning there is very little carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen compared to hydrogen and helium there, making the formation of life improbable. This is not to say that life couldn't exist on Wolf 498, but if it does it would be extremely alien compared to that on Earth, or in a science fiction scenario would be "colonists" or people on an outpost who were limited entirely to artifical habitats.
g A: NA
g B: NA

Orbital map
g NA

View from star
g See sky map

Nearby stars
(Star systems with 10 light years)
g Wolf 424: 7.2ly
g VanMaanen’s Star: 7.4 ly
g Tau Ceti: 8.11 ly
g Lacaille 9352: 9.4 ly

Map locating star system
g NA

Location in Earth sky
g In constellation Bootes (nearest star in that constellation to Earth)

Other names
g Gliese 526; GJ 1005; L 722-22 AB; HD 119850; Lalande 25372; Hip 1242; HIP 67155; LHS 1047 AB; G 158-50 AB

Sci-fi mentions
g NA

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