Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chi Herculis

Star type
g F8-9 V

Distance from Earth
g 51.71 ly

Star Service No.
g NA

g More than 8 Gy (near the end of its hydrogen-fusing life)

Radius/Mass/Temp (xSol)
g 117%; 115%; 5840 K

Brightness (xSol)
g 310%

g About third of Sol; this results in a temp about 260 K lower than usual for this type of star

Comparison to Sol
g NA

Picture of star
g NA

Star system features
g Age, metal deficiency, and a relatively high velocity of 80 kilometers per second relative to the Sun (about five times average) suggest that the star is a visitor from another part of the galaxy and is just passing through the local neighborhood.

Known planets
g No evidence for planets or any debris disk akin to our asteroid belt. The low metal content also argues against planets.

Habitable zone
g NA

Orbital map
g NA

View from star
g NA

Nearby stars
(Star systems with 10 light years)
g NA

Map locating star system
g NA

Location in Earth sky
g Lies well off Hercules' main pattern in the far northwestern part of the constellation between Bootes and Draco

Other names
g Chi Her; HR 5914; Gl 602; 1 Herculis;

Sci-fi mentions
g NA

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