Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gliese 382

Star type
g M2V

Distance from Earth
g 25.48 ly

Star Service No.
g NA

g NA

Diameter/Mass/Temp (xSol)
g NA; NA; NA

Brightness (xSol)
g 1%

g NA

Comparison to Sol
g See chart (Similar to Proxima)

Picture of star
g NA

Star system features
g May have a companion star at 200 AUs

Known planets
g NA

Habitable zone
g 0.10 A.U.s

Orbital map
g NA

View from star
g NA

Nearby stars
(Star systems with 10 light years)
g Luyten 968-22: 2.42274 ly (this system probably is another dozen or so light years farther away)
g Bonner Durchmusterung +1°2447: 3.25691 ly
g Wolf 358: 6.66515 ly

Map locating star system
g NA

Location in Earth sky
g In constellation Sextans

Other names
g HIC 49986
g LTT 3734
g SAO 137411
g McC 569
g BD -3°2870

Sci-fi mentions
g NA

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