Tuesday, November 20, 2007

TW Piscis Austrini

Star type
g K4-5 Vpe

Distance from Earth
g 24.91 ly

Star Service No.
g NA

g NA

Diameter/Mass/Temp (xSol)
g NA; 81% to 90.3%; NA

Brightness (xSol)
g 13% increasing to 14.2%

g NA

Comparison to Sol
g See chart (similar to Proxima)

Picture of star
g NA

Star system features
g Flare star

Known planets
g NA

Habitable zone
g 0.360 A.U.s; angular size of star in sky of HZ planet: 1.336403 degrees

Orbital map
g NA

View from star
g Fomalhaut would appear as a magnitude -6 star

Nearby stars
(Star systems with 10 light years)
g Fomalhaut: 0.871377 ly
g Cordoba Durchmusterung -23°17699: 4.39475 ly ( K7 V)
g FK Aquarii: 6.29322 ly
g Luyten 788-34: 6.85596 ly
g Luyten 362-81: 7.54826 ly
g Gliese & Jahreiss 2005: 8.20909 ly

Map locating star system
g NA

Location in Earth sky
g In constellation Pisces Austrinus

Other names
g Gliese 879
g HD 216803
g CD -32°17321
g HIP 113283
g SAO 214197
g UGPMF 584
g HR 8721
g TW Psa

Sci-fi mentions
g NA

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